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"To feed people who is starving,to cloth people who is naked,to heal people who is sick...most of all to Give Hope for those who lost it"
Ammu Charitable Foundation is a charity organisation incorporated in the year of 2020 and handled by Mr Karthik. The mission of the organisation is to identify those who are in dire need of funds and orphanages/home for aged who find hard to meet their end and help transform their lives for the better.
The Journey
Its been a dream of Mr.Karthik and Mrs.Lakshmi Karthik for decades to start an orphange and elderly home and all it needed a spark to trigger the same and there came the following incident.

An act of kindness set Karthik on a philanthropic path when back in 2015 a schoolmate's husband came to his aid when he was facing an economy crisis of his own. For Karthik and his people, that borrowed fund was everything when they had nothing. But it all happened when Karthik on his way to return back the fund was prompted to donate the funds to anyone who was in need of it or to donate to any orphanage.

And that was the moment which inspired Karthik to seek a philanthropical path and help those in dire needs of funds. His idea was to follow his friends advice but because of work timings and daily chores he would not be able to start an orphanage or an elderly home for the seniors then. And 5 years later with whatever savings in hand, Karthik had finally decided to start his charitable trust for the needy and in a way help transform their lives as his was once upon a time with the funds he had borrowed.

The foundation has been named after his schoolmate whom he use to call Ammu as how he calls anyone who he considers a child or his daughter and also a way honor his schoolmate's husband who never had any personal ties with Karthik but still during his crisis time came forward to help him out, without ever asking or bothering him on the return of funds.
The organisation isn’t seeking any donations as they wish to keep it private and just wish to help those in need.
Our Mission
‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ 
- Matthew 25:40
“Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.”
How We Operate
The organisation is completely funded by own funds earned and after paying all taxes.
It's solely run on the interest gained from all the earnings that Mr Karthik has worked upon. This will be funded to the orphanges and home for aged and mental asylums who finds hard to meet their ends. Ammu Charitable Foundation will financially adopt them over period of time beginning with 10 person now.
Words From Those Who Benefitted from Ammu Foundation
I would like to express on how ammu foundation lended me their helping hands when I totally felt hopeless regarding my college fees. I am really grateful and happy!
- Sophia
I thank this Charitable Foundation for your love and support for the children. It is a good work. May God bless you always
- Robin Sebastian
Wish To Seek Help
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You can get in touch with the organisation if you know of a genuine person who is in need of funds and if you think any monetary benefits can help transform or bring a change in their life.
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